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Draco Broadcast Studios is a 30×60′ space with 3 studio sets. It includes a Court room, Cafe, Bar, and Bathroom. All sets have a ceiling truss to hand lights and equipment with easy to access to power. The studio also includes a private dressing/Green room with a refrigerator, bathroom, and seating. There are parking spaces for 10 cars with more parking available on the street.  

Court Room

The Court Room Features a Judge’s Podium along with carpeting and finished wood walls. This room is also connected to a separate smaller room that can be used as an office or built however you like

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Bar Room

The Bar Room is the biggest stage featuring a fully furnished bar with a seating area and a pool table. It has a large ceiling truss to hang lights and equipment. The large stage offers plenty of space for you and your crew to set up however you like.

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Cafe Stage

This stage can be used as a kitchen, or a cafe set. Includes counter tops and sink (non-functioning). Being connected to the main Bar Room set it offers plenty of space to set up equipment



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Green Room and Parking

The Studio rental includes a private dressing/green room with a refrigerator, bathroom, and seating. Along with this is a private parking lot with up to 10 parking spaces and additional street parking close by.

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Studio Overview

  • -30×60 foot studio
  • -Bar room, Cafe, Bathroom, and court room sets fully furnished and ready to film in
  • -Separate Dressing/Green room
  • -Private Parking spaces 
  • -Easy access to rental equipment
  • -$50 an hour rate
  • Free range to build any set you need

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