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Dracast Studios is a 30×60′ space with 3 studio sets. It includes a court room,cafe, and garage. All 3 sets have a ceiling truss and easy access to power. The studio rental also includes a private dressing room and parking spaces.  

Court Room

The Court Room is connected to the garage stage and office 2. This room Features a Judge’s Podium, Judge room door, along with finished wood walls.

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Garage stage

This is the biggest of the the 3 stages located in the center of the studio. It has a large ceiling truss to hang all your lights and plenty of open space to set up however you like.

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Cafe Stage

The cafe/kitchen stage is connected to the garage stage meaning there is plenty of extra room to set up.



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Makeup Room

The Studio rental includes a private dressing/makeup room with a connected bathroom and plenty of seating.

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