Tilta Hydra Alien Car Mounting System Pro Kit (Gold Mount)


Product Highlights

High Capacity Shock Absorbing Arm
Compatible with all DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, and larger professional camera setups.

Fast & Steady
Car Mounting System
8 modes of installation to fulfill your creativity

Quick Assembly
Highly efficient when switching between camera setups.

Durable & Lightweight
Flexible installation angles.

Folding Dovetail Plate
Multiple built-in expansion screw holes for mounting accessories.

Run/Stop Functionality
Creative freedom is at your fingertips with efficient and flexible run/stop functionality.

Available In V-Mount Or Gold Mount Battery Plate
8 hours of continuous operation for enhanced battery life.

More Protection For Your Camera
Custom-made power supply base plate and side holding bracket for RS 2 provides additional protection for your camera during high speed driving and bumpy shooting conditions.

Flexible Assembly / Unlimited Creativity
Various and flexible mounting options. Supports high and low shooting angles. Compatible with a wide range of car types and complex mounting surfaces.
Enhanced Triangle Mounting Configuration Provides Ultimate Security for Your Camera
Various camera setups supported by durable mounting surface.

Extremely secure mounting, no matter what the angle
50 kg single suction cup payload. Highly elastic shock-absorbing silicon provides longer durability and less abrasion. Highly adaptable with complicated mounting situations.

Wireless Remote Control
Operating from inside the camera car with full control: Remote run/stop control / Real-Time monitoring / Accurate follow focus.

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