Tilta Hydra Alien Car Mounting System Pro Kit (V-Mount)


Product Highlights

  • High Capacity Shock Absorbing Arm
    Compatible with all DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, and larger professional camera setups.
  • Fast & Steady Car Mounting System
    8 modes of installation to fulfill your creativityEnhanced Triangle Mounting Configuration Provides Ultimate Security for Your Camera
    Various camera setups supported by durable mounting surface.
  • Quick Assembly
    Highly efficient when switching between camera setups.Durable & Lightweight
    Flexible installation angles.Folding Dovetail Plate
    Multiple built-in expansion screw holes for mounting accessories.
  • Run/Stop Functionality
    Creative freedom is at your fingertips with efficient and flexible run/stop functionality.
  • Available In V-Mount Or Gold Mount Battery Plate
    8 hours of continuous operation for enhanced battery life.
  • More Protection For Your Camera
    Custom-made power supply base plate and side holding bracket for RS 2 provides additional protection for your camera during high speed driving and bumpy shooting conditions.
  • Flexible Assembly / Unlimited Creativity
    Various and flexible mounting options. Supports high and low shooting angles. Compatible with a wide range of car types and complex mounting surfaces.
  • Extremely secure mounting, no matter what the angle
    50 kg single suction cup payload. Highly elastic shock-absorbing silicon provides longer durability and less abrasion. Highly adaptable with complicated mounting situations.
  • Wireless Remote Control
    Operating from inside the camera car with full control: Remote run/stop control / Real-Time monitoring / Accurate follow focus.

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